Keratosis Pilaris Rubra – Causes, Signs And Treatments

Keratosis is a skin disorder that is caused by over production of keratin on the skin. Keratin is a structural material for the outer layer of the skin and is a natural body protein. Keratosis has many variants that are more specific. The definitions of these variants of keratosis are mainly based on where they attack and the way they look and feel. However, all of them are keratosis and are neither severe not contagious.

Keratosis pilaris rubra is a kind of keratosis that is characterized by red and inflamed bumps that are mainly in the head, arms or legs.

Symptoms of keratosis pilaris rubra are small bumps that are mainly at the base of the hair follicle on your skin, dry bumps on the thighs and upper arms but can also be spotted on your buttocks, face and lower legs; the bumps are filled with a hard and dry substance that is usually keratin, the bumps are not itchy and are also not painful or sore. These symptoms occur at any age but they are mostly seen in the adolescent years.

Although there is no known cure for keratosis pilaris rubra, there are several treatments for this skin disorder. These treatments do not necessarily cure this type of keratosis but make the bumps appear more appealing and less coarse. Your dermatologist may administer some of the following treatments to help counter keratosis pilaris rubra. Creams that contain vitamin D are good remedy for this kind of keratosis. Creams that have a good percentage of glycolic acid or trentinoin are also use to help ease the situation. These creams usually have side effects. As much as the bumps that appear due to keratosis pilaris rubra are never itchy, they will begin itching and burning after the use of these creams. You should not scratch the bumps though, as you will make the situation worse. The treatments are generally slow and therefore patience is much needed. You could also use natural moisturizers that are alcohol free (to prevent irritation) on the bumps.

You should not worry about keratosis pilaris rubra unless it is for cosmetic reasons as it is benign. This type of keratosis poses no health risk and you should therefore not be scared of any health problems occurring. It is also not contagious enabling you to freely intermingle with other people without fear of any sort.


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