Keratosis On Face

Keratosis is a skin disorder that is caused by overproduction of keratin. Keratin is a protein that is essential for the making of hair and nails. This protein is produced by special cells known as keratinocytes. Keratosis affects many parts of the body.


There are several types of keratosis. There is keratosis pilaris, seborrheic keratosis, hyperkeratosis and actinic keratosis.


Keratosis on the face affects both men and women but it bothers the women more than the men. It is obvious how women hate it on the face. This is due to cosmetic and beauty reasons. Keratosis on the face is a sign of several types of keratosis. There is actinic keratosis on the face, seborrheic keratosis on the face and also keratosis pilaris on the face.


Keratosis on face is commonly confused with acne. It is better to check with your dermatologist to make sure that it is keratosis and not acne. Once you see any bumps on your face and you are not sure about it, please see a dermatologist.


Teenage girls go through a period of hell when they have this skin condition on the face. This makes them to struggle to find ways that they will deal with this skin condition.


Treatments for keratosis on face are many. Cryotherapy can be used to get rid of keratosis on the face. This is normally done at the hospital and involves the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the lesions.. You can also choose to undergo curettage. A doctor will remove the growths with a spoon-shaped instrument but this is never effective when used alone. To back it up, electrocautery is used. This involves the use of electric charge to get rid of the growths. The charge used is normally of low voltage and is sent to a needle tip and then used to burn the growth.


Lemon sugar scrub contains many things like almond oil, lemons and sugar in it. It is used just the same way as other scrubs are used. This method is very good as it not only heals you but also leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. This scrub is applied on keratosis on the face at least twice a day in order to heal it.


Surgical excision is also used on keratosis on face. The doctor will inject you with a local anesthetic and use a scalpel to remove the growth. This is almost like curettage. Ensure that the treatment you choose is compatible with your skin.


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