Keratosis On Black Skin

Keratosis is an infection that affects all age be it male or female, it is common among people who spend long hours in the sun or simply people who work out doors. Those with light skin are more prone to getting the infection that dark skin individuals since light skin individuals have less keratin on the outer surface of their skin. Keratin acts as a defense mechanism against excess sun’s rays that are harmful to the skin.

Those with dark skin should not however go about bragging that they have immunity to keratosis, this is because as much as their skin possess more melanocytes than the light skinned individuals continues exposure of their skin to direct sun’s rays causes abnormal production of melanin which is a great risk to the skin since it can stimulate production of keratosis. it is not wise to say that the keratosis condition in light skin individuals is abnormal since it’s the nature of their skin that makes them prone to keratosis. Not only the light skinned individuals that are susceptible to keratosis but also those with blonde or red hair also have high chances of getting keratosis.

Just in case you are asking yourself how abnormal melanin production occurs for the dark skinned individuals or even the light skinned individuals then know that keratosis originates from the genetic cells of the epidermal layer of cells. Due to direct exposure to the sun’s rays for a long time the genetic codes of these cells are altered causing the normal skin cells to change to abnormal. The affected part of the skin thickens and normally it is accompanied by some burning sensation or irritation and development of keratosis. Keratosis is a rare occurrence in the skin of a dark individual as compared to that of a light skinned individual however it is more prone to a dark skinned individual who has been treated earlier of other skin infections.

It is not easy to detect keratosis on a dark skin, most of the mild infections go unnoticed however if you not any signs of rush on your skin take a step to have a doctor run test on your skin to determine the type of skin infection. Keratosis is harmless and has no major threat however for cosmetic reasons it is better to get rid of them. Taking the step to get rid of keratosis at its initial stages is safer and a health benefit precaution since some keratosis is known to harbor skin cancer and other harmful infections. Nevertheless getting rid of them saves you the burden of worrying about the ugly skin that may lower your self-esteem.

In conclusion keratosis affects all skin types, it’s how you treat your skin that will salvage you from getting keratosis.



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