Keratosis Home Remedies That Work

It is a medical fact that Seborrheic keratosis is more common among old people than it is among young ones. If you have less years in front of you than those that are behind you, then the chances of you getting this condition is high if you do not have it already. Keratosis home remedies can be used to adequately deal with the problem of keratosis and manage the condition with ease. More specifically, Seborrheic keratosis is a condition that affects the skin and is one of the less dangerous forms of keratosis. It is characterized by abnormal skin growths which look unappealing but are non-cancerous and thus harmless. The people who are predisposed to this condition are mostly Caucasians because of the fact that they have very soft skin. Keratosis home remedies are very effective in dealing with the lesions that this condition causes.

Medical procedures used to treat this condition can be quite costly thus learning more about keratosis home remedies might prove to be a cost saving activity. Many of the medical professionals will not recommend the use of keratosis home remedies because they do not consider them as treatment options or methods for this condition. The cost of treatment however is beyond what many people can afford and this has resulted in many looking for keratosis home remedies. If keratosis home remedies are done well, they can work just as good as the medical procedures.

Before using any keratosis home remedies, it is important to test the remedy on a patch of your skin so that you can study the reaction of the remedy with your skin. Once you have established that the remedy is safe to use on your skin, you can then proceed to using keratosis home remedies for treatment of the condition. The two main Seborrheic keratosis home remedies include:

Glycolic acid solution: A solution of glycolic acid is commonly used as keratosis home remedies and is effective in controlling the condition. The solution should not be used on the face because it might react badly and result in permanent scaring. This solution might also sting when applying it and should subside after a few minutes of applying.

Liquid nitrogen application: Using liquid nitrogen can also be very effective as keratosis home remedies. It can be applied using a spray gun and will cause the keratosis to peel thus leaving the skin in good condition that is keratosis free.


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