Keratosis – Costs of Treatment

Perfectly healthy skin is worth the expense. It boosts your self-esteem and improves your perception to life. With healthy skin, it is an implication that you are healthy inside. But did you know that being healthy is no exception of developing skin problems like keratosis?

Keratosis is shown on whichever part of your skin. Probably, they are mistaken as acne since these growths might appear rough, small bumps. Also, they may look like wart and colors vary from light tan, brown and black. The size can be small like acne pimple or bigger than silver dollars while the surface could be waxy and smooth or bumpy similar to chicken skin. Due to the variety of its appearance, experts suggest their patients to seek medical recommendation for undecided skin conditions. Since they come in different forms, the cost of treatment also varies.

In treating actinic keratosis, it may compose the typical drug therapy, photodynamic therapy and chemical or surgical lesions destruction. For some, combination of this therapy is used. Depending on which treatment method being used, patients may continue to be free of AK for months or years. However, persons with noteworthy photo damage as well as failure to lessen their exposure to sun are at high risk of advancing AK into skin cancer. In this situation, patients may engage themselves to continual follow-up as well as repeated treatment.

For keratosis pilaris, patients may choose chemical or natural treatment. For chemical treatment, it involves chemical peels and laser surgery. This effectively helps in minimizing dryness and the size of bumps. However, they are unable of completely eliminating bumps. It is noted that this skin condition disappears by itself after sometime, usually on reaching 30. Natural treatments on the other hand requires consuming vitamins E and A as well as omega three proven to be effective for this skin condition. Also, by regularly exfoliating your skin lessen the size of bums. Furthermore, too much exposure to sunlight could only worsen this condition.

For seborrheic keratosis, there are different medical treatments or procedures which can be undertaken depending on the availability of your budget as well as the condition of seborrheic keratosis. Treatments are considered for medical reasons such as severe itching, infection, bleeding and inflammation.

Therefore, the cost of treatment differs with the type of keratosis you are suffering. Still, the best treatment is prevention by proper nutrition, regular exercise, adequate hydration as well as sleep and rest.

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