Keratosis And LED Light Therapy

There are lots of light-based skin cures that assist with the recovery of keratosis skin disease. But these types of therapies use pulsed laser light treatments that causes thermal injuries to your skin. Aside from that, these high-power intense and focused lasers can have severe side effects and you will require a longer time to recover after your therapy. But with Light Emitting Diode (LED) light therapy, the LED is used to diffuse the cells and allow the light to enter the dermis causing little or no injury to the patient.  This LED also can be applied over the whole area during the procedure and without any damage to the keratosis patient.

As soon as you experience a LED treatment, the radiance from it cooperates with your cells and nudges them into multiplying and producing new collagen, and also elastic cells for your body. The intense light offers a variety of wavelengths and when used the cells absorbs the light causing a biochemical reaction to occur. This is the reason experiments have revealed that this sort of energy is useful in other areas like, the prevention of collagen structure to stop the construction of scars.

If you are eager to acquire this anti-aging cure, know that specialists’ belief is that you will require at least one LED skin therapy of thirty minutes duration, every 8 to 10 days for a period 6 weeks. You should follow up after a month or two with protective treatment.

The length and number of LED light therapy will rely on how severe your keratosis problem is, and the affected area that is being treated. After a few treatments, you will begin to observe a progressive effect and noticeable advancement in your appearance. As the cure comes to an end, the intermission time between 2 sessions may be prolonged.

There are lots of areas in which LED therapy has proven to be helpful. These areas include reduction of acne wrinkles and scars, skin intensification, lessening of brown freckles and spots as well as enhanced texture. It is also more inexpensive than other skin treatments. For fighting sun damage and aging, this LED light therapy is recognized to generate only optimistic results.

As for the charge of any single LED skin therapy for keratosis, it ranges from $200 to $500, according to market rates in July 2010. So, if you need to go for an extended therapy, it can become quite an expensive venture. However, there are a few places offering LED skin therapy kits which can be used in the privacy of your home. With such a kit you can accomplish the treatments yourself for about $300 to $500 dollars.


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