Is It Possible To Cure Keratosis Pilaris?

Keratosis Pilaris is a benign skin disorder that is characterized by the formation of small bumps especially around hair follicles on the skin. The skin disorder can affect any age group but is mostly found in infants and growing young children or adolescents, some of these forms of infections have also been noticed in adults. Keratosis Pilaris – also called KP for short –  may be very harmless, but some forms of the disorder can actually become raised and such should be handled with utmost serious medical handling.

Several medical practitioners have concluded that KP is not a curable skin condition and most of the several treatments used in dealing with KP will only fade away the scars and blemishes while the underlying causes still remains. At worst the treatments used for KP will cover up the disorder. This assertion means KP cannot be cured because of the genetic factors responsible for such, however it is also believed that an individual affected by the skin disorder can deal with the condition.

Lactic acid, Urea, Glycolic acid, Vitamin A and some other forms of treatments are known to be used mostly in dealing with KP, however these agents are regarded as exfoliants and mild peeling agents which can actually level the surface of the affected skin. More effective treatments such as laser resurfacing and microdermabrassion techniques can actually remove the keratosis  bumps but cannot stop such bumps from reoccurring in the nearest future.

There are some cases where Keratosis has been found to clear away naturally without any form of treatment. These are rare cases, and some natural agents such as shea butter can also help an individual to relieve some of the symptoms of raised outbreaks on the skin. All these forms of treatment can only perform temporary actions to remove such keratosis outgrowth.

It is widely believed that some unhealthy habits can actually worsen raised keratosis infections or even make such developments get worse. Excessive exposure to the sun, changing body care products such as creams as well as bad hygienic practices are some of the ways through which this condition can worsen on the skin, abstaining from these factors will go a long way to enhance the effect of other forms of  keratosis treatment.

Keratosis pilaris cannot be cured , however its appearance can be diminished to a greater extent by the treatment methods prescribed by a dermatologist.

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