Hydrogen Peroxide Keratosis Treatment

There are several methods that are used to treat keratosis. The skin condition has been known to exist for many years and as a result, many scientific studies have been carried out. The main objective of the studies has been to find a cure that can get rid of the skin condition permanently. There are many cures that have now been proven to work well on keratosis. Keratosis can affect many parts of the body and mostly occurs on parts that are usually not covered by clothing. All treatment methods can be used to treat the condition regardless of what part of the body it appears.

Hydrogen peroxide treatment is a popular method used to treat keratosis. It is mostly used in the treatment of seborrheic keratosis. The hydrogen peroxide treatment method has been used for many years and has been proven to be a reliable way of treating keratosis. The treatment method is quite popular mostly due to the fact that it can be done at home. Furthermore, absolutely no consultation with a professional dermatologist is required. The only technical part of the treatment is diluting the hydrogen peroxide treatment to the required concentration.

The hydrogen peroxide solution is applied directly on the area affected by keratosis. On application of the solution, the hydrogen peroxide causes shriveling of the skin at the area that has keratosis. A burning sensation is normal when the hydrogen peroxide is applied on the affected area. Hydrogen peroxide is acidic and it reacts with the cells that have keratosis. This causes the cells to die and eventually form a scab. The cells that have keratosis get a certain amount of blood and nutrient supply from the bloodstream. This is why the keratosis does not dry up unless a treatment procedure is carried out. Hydrogen peroxide effectively removes the need for the keratotic growth to get blood supply and nutrients which causes the body to shed it off as a scab. The entire process takes a very short period of time. One hydrogen peroxide treatment is usually not enough. The solution should be applied several times for a few days. After this period the keratotic growths will start to fall off to leave healthy skin.

Some forms of keratosis require more than hydrogen peroxide to completely disappear. A person should consider taking advice from a professional dermatologist before starting on a treatment regime. Sometimes a person should use prescription drugs as well as topical applications to get the best results.


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