Follicular Keratosis

Follicular keratosis actually looks like seborrheic keratosis in appearance.  It usually occurs in hair follicle in form of a tumor around that area. It looks like a papule and it usually has a pinkish color. It is an inflammation on the skin and it can be very painful. In case you are having the kind of inflammation described above and you are not really sure whether it is Follicular keratosis or not, this simple write up will help you to know whether the inflammation is caused by this skin condition.

Where it can be found

Usually, Follicular keratosis is found on the skin. The face is the area of the skin where it can occur most. In fact, every other part of the body that is usually exposed to the sun can end up giving off the skin condition.  In case you are consistently exposed to sunlight, you stand a very good chance of developing Follicular keratosis. You may therefore do well to get your whole body covered if you have to enter into the sun frequently. When it affects the face, the lesion formed by the skin condition appears very clearly on the eyelid of the affected person.

Who can be affected?

Follicular keratosis does not occur in the younger ones. Rather, it is usually found on the skin of the elderly. Those who are advanced in age are the ones that usually bear the brunt of this skin condition. It is however not all elderly ones that end up with it; only those who had been consistently exposed to the sun when they were younger are the ones that can end up with Follicular keratosis.

How to treat it

In order to treat Follicular keratosis, excision can be used. But it is in the best interest of the affected person never to attempt to get the lesion excised by him or herself. There is no “Do It Yourself” thing in this issue at all. You need the help of professional medical personnel.  Aside the use of excision, other surgical treatment methods can also be implemented to get rid of the skin problem.


There are topical creams too that can be applied directly to the surface of the lesion. There are so many topical creams that can be bought over the counter for the purpose of treating Follicular keratosis.  All you need to do is to walk into any drug store around to lay your hands on one.


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