Different Types Of Keratosis

Different people can be suffering from keratosis and each of them will have different signs and symptoms. This gives an indication that there can be different types of the skin problem. It is also an indication that the treatment method utilized by one person may end up being different from what another person will be able to use to get rid of the skin problem. What works for one type of keratosis may not work for another type. This is why it becomes very important to carry your doctor along whenever you notice any growth on your skin. You will be enlightened about the different types of this skin problem that had been discovered.

Keratosis pilaris

This type is very different from the other types of the skin condition. It can be treated through several surgical means like the use of laser and light. Some medications can also be used in treating it. It usually comes with itching and this will make the person having it to be very uncomfortable. The main treatment method used on it is in form of palliative treatment; that is, to relieve the pain felt from this form of keratosis. Presence of excess keratin on the skin is responsible for it.

Seborrheic keratosis

This form is treatable with surgical intervention. The use of cryosurgery, curette and electrocautery had been found to be very useful.  The methods highlighted above are able to help remove any blemish from your skin and the skin will regain a smooth appearance. One special thing about this form of keratosis is that it can be inherited. This is because it is caused by genetic manipulation in the affected person. The manipulated gene can then be transferred from the parent to the children.

Actinic keratosis

This one can lead to cancer and it therefore becomes very important to get rid of it as early as possible. Several methods can be used to get rid of the problem and some of them include the use of high electric current. Surgery too can be utilized. Photodynamic therapy, the use of laser and cryotherapy can also get rid of it from your skin.


It may be rather difficult to differentiate one form of keratosis from the other; especially if you are not medical personnel. This means that you may not be the best person to diagnose and treat the skin problem. You should pay a visit to the hospital once you notice any such thing on your skin.



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