Celebrity Treatments – Keratosis

As much as keratosis affects anyone it is next to impossible to find a celebrity having keratosis, this is does not mean that the infection pardons them but more or less how they take care of their body. Celebrities are the public image therefore their looks come first, how they look in the public eye matters to them more than anything else.

You will be surprised by the amount of cash a celebrity would spend just to get rid of a keratosis. Maybe it’s because they have a lot of cash that they can spend lump sum of cash just to cater for the expense of the very expensive surgeries to remove Keratosis, some even go as far as hiring the best dermatologist or even a team of them. Keratosis is not a life threatening condition, it only causes cosmetic inconvenience and lower your self-esteem, this should not worry you as there are affordable ways you can cure keratosis. If you don’t have lots of cash to spend on curing keratosis then go for the simple ways of treating keratosis.

The methods used by dermatologist are more or less the same and all will give you the same result, don’t crave to have the same kind of treatment this celebrities have if you don’t have the cash. Even the home remedies do a very good job. Don’t be surprised that even some of the well-known celebrities use the simple home remedies to cure keratosis. However, if you are looking for a quick fix it, then know that it comes with a price.

Cryosurgery is now the most popular method of treating keratosis, the method is relatively very simple and involves the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the cells around the patches causing them to die and dry off. The method is quite effective however risky since if the substance is applied in excess or in an uninfected area then it will cause skin irritations and further damages of the skin. Curettage is another option available which involves scraping off the layer of affected skin with a sharp object and letting it heal naturally. The process is rather not comfortable for many since it involves bleeding and leaving a scar on your body.

Apart from the surgery there are natural treatment for keratosis and like I said celebrities also use these methods, they are quite effective though you need to know the exact cause of your condition since some adverse conditions require a doctors attention. The advantage of a natural home remedy is that they don’t involve the use of sharp objects to scrape away the infected parts or cold substances. Home remedies for keratosis often involve a topical solution which is requires to be applied daily, this is a benefit as you can build up the treatment and stop when you feel necessary. What the home remedies do is work with your own skin and diminish the lesions biologically.


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