Causes Of Actinic Keratosis


Actinic keratosis is a type of keratosis where the skin develops scale-like patches that are dry and crusty. It affects many body parts like the legs, face, scalp, lips, forehead and the hands. This skin disorder might lead to cancer and it is advisable that you visit a dermatologist once you notice these symptoms on your skin. There is a likelihood of you having pink or brown shades of patches on your skin, crusty patches, rough and dry bumps and also scaly patches. Check with your dermatologist just to be sure what kind of keratosis you are suffering from.


There are numerous causes for actinic keratosis but the main cause is over exposure to the sun in many years of your lifetime. The suns UV rays are harmful enough to change the cellular arrangement of the layers of the skin. The skin is divided in several layers and there are cells present. The sun’s rays specifically damage the skin cells known as keratinocytes which are found in the epidermis. With continued exposure and time as a factor, the dermis is also destroyed. With all this, the cells are distorted and therefore change in shape and size and organization leading to actinic keratosis.


People with fairer skin are more susceptible to actinic keratosis as they have less melanin to shield them from the harmful effect of the sun. People who go for regular tanning also increase their chances of having this skin problem. Actinic keratosis is prevented through many ways. You should always ensure that you are on sunscreen whenever you are out in the sun. The sun is a good and natural source for vitamin D but you can always acquire it by taking foods rich in vitamin D or take vitamin D supplements.


Actinic keratosis is best treated by your dermatologist as dermatologists are well professionally trained to take care of such matters and can clearly differentiate different types of keratosis hence giving the appropriate medication. Lesions that are treated by your own knowledge are very likely to recur and so your dermatologist’s services are the best option.


Actinic keratosis is a type of keratosis that needs immediate medical attention as it is premalignant. You should not risk and take chances. It is very treatable too. Treat this and you will reduce chances of skin cancer.


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