Brown Skin Keratosis Treatment

Brown skin keratosis does not need treatment since it neither poses the risk of cancer, nor jeopardizes general health. However, you may ask your physician to remove it, in case you experience discomfort and pain, or for aesthetic purposes. There is a wide choice range available for treating keratosis, including:

  • Curettage, where your surgeon will utilize a spoon-shaped instrument called a curette, to help in growth removal. It is quite common for regrowth of keratosis to occur, when curettage is the only treatment method which is applied.
  • Cryotherapy, which refers to using extreme cold treatment on keratoses. Growths which are slightly elevated or flat tend to respond very well to this mode of cure, as opposed to thicker ones.
  • Surgical excision can also be undertaken in order to completely cut the growth out. Your surgeon will first inject the keratosis with a local anesthetic then proceed to remove it.
  • Electrodessication, or Electrocautery is a method that utilizes electrical charge of low voltage, conducted using a needle tip, so as to burn the growth off. Doctors will at times combine this therapy with curettage.
  • Laser therapy is an effective method of keratosis treatment, where a beam of light with high intensity irradiates on the growth area, hence burning it off.

Critical Things to Consider

The physician you consult with should recommend to you the most suitable form of treatment for your brown skin keratosis. Factors to consider when making diagnosis for such treatment are the size and type of growth, as well as its location. It is most probable that your health insurer will classify removal of keratosis as a procedure which is elective.

Once brown skin keratosis is removed, you might feel some pain on the wound area for some days. Your physician will instruct you on the best way to manage and clean it out.

Keratoses which are flat are quite easy to remove in most cases. Here, the doctor may recommend use of topical creams like tretinoin, or that you consider undergoing laser resurfacing, cryotherapy or chemical peel treatments.

When doing Brown skin keratosis, a competent medical practitioner takes care to minimize on scarring incidents. Nevertheless, individuals with darker skin complexion may suffer permanent lightening on it. There also are factors that may deteriorate healing of skin, following keratosis therapy. These include such aspects as damage by the sun, smoking of tobacco and aging effects.


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