Dermabrasion is a cosmetic medical procedure in which the surface of the epidermis of the skin (the stratum corneum) is removed by abrasion (sanding). The instrument used to perform the procedure is called a dermabrader, and that can be any number of types of devices under that category. It is used to remove sun-damaged skin and to remove or lessen scars and dark spots on the skin. The procedure is very painful and usually requires a general anaesthetic or twilight anaesthesia, in which the patient is still partly conscious. Afterward, the skin is very red and raw-looking, and it takes several months for the skin to regrow and heal. Dermabrasion is useful for scar removal when the scar is raised above the surrounding skin, but is less effective with sunken scars.

Source: Wikipedia

A fair and healthy skin is something that most people yearn for. Not that it is all about vanity but just because it reflects someone’s confidence and personality. The skin radiates the health within a person so a healthy skin could mean a healthy person. The part of the body that gets the first impact besides the hair is the skin. The main role of the skin is protection and insulation. Since our skin is more delicate than any other’s, we should provide good care of it.  Confidence and self esteem could be lost once the skin is destroyed. With the dawn of new technology, many procedures have been designed to help mend skin. Everybody could have access to various skin care treatments. You could choose from lotions, creams and surgery.

Dermabrasion is a cosmetic surgical procedure that removes the thin outermost layer of the skin, stratum corneum.   It strips off the skin in an unnatural way. Dermabrasion is used to remove damaged skin, dark spots, keratosis and scars.

The surface of the skin’s epidermis is removed by an instrument called dermabrader. Dermabraders vary from its type and utility; there are electric sanders and laser sanders. The procedure may sound painful, and it really is with the use of the classic electric sander. This incorporates use of a general anaesthetic so the patient can endure the pain. But with the use of laser technology, blood and pain are reduced.

Infection could occur if the skin that is operated is taken for granted, so after the operation one must take ample rest. The skin may take some time to recover and come back to its natural look. Dermabrasion is effective for scars just above the surface of skin, but when it comes to deep scars; it does not work because internal layers of the skin are involved. But comparatively, employing laser technology is much more pricey than the classic dermabrasion procedure.

Medical advice is ought to be asked first. Your immune system and body recovery is important to be at the best of its health to help you go by the procedure. You will also need plenty of rest and general sanitation.