Cutaneous Horns


Protruding keratotic or horn like growth

Occurs on sun exposed areas

Cone Shaped



Topical Chemotherapy Agent

Ag3derm Cream

Curettage & Cautery

Radiation therapy if cancerous


The growth may be cancerous

Cutaneous horns are a form of keratosis that often develops in conjunction with other forms of keratosis such as actinic keratosis.  This type of keratosis creates a skin condition that sticks out from the skin like a tiny horn.

Other forms of keratosis appeared to be scale like and rough on the face. They can also create a scaling and roughness on the lips which blur the skin between the lip and the facial surface.

These forms of keratosis are considered to be precancerous and should be treated by a physician. Treatments vary from a cream to surgical removal. Some options include laser treatments and a freeze dry treatment which causes the growth to be removed from the skin. The earlier these keratosis growths are removed the better.

Various types of keratosis are easily treated by a physician. Early treatment quickly removes any unsightly bumps or spots. Not all forms of keratosis are pre-cancerous, however, some types do carry a 5% to 10% risk of developing into cancer and should be treated as early as possible.